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Materials that are used in order to remedy the disabilities caused by loss of or damage to tissues are called biomaterials.

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  • Recent Publication

    Bahcecioglu, G., Hasırcı, N., Bilgen, B., & Hasirci, V. (2018). A 3D printed PCL/hydrogel construct with zone-specific biochemical composition mimicking that of the meniscus. Biofabrication.

  • Dr. Gokhan Bahcecioglu has been awarded the Parlar 'Best Thesis of the Year' Award

    Dr. Gokhan Bahcecioglu, an alumni of our Center, has been awarded the 'METU Prof. Mustafa N. Parlar Best Thesis of the Year Award' for his PhD thesis titled "A Three-Dimensional Printed, Polycaprolactone / Hydrogel Based, Tissue Engineered Meniscus". We congratulate his supervisors Prof. Vasif Hasirci and Prof. Nesrin Hasirci, and Gokhan, wishing him continued success.


  • Prof. Vasif Hasirci and Prof. Nesrin Hasirci European Society of Biomaterials Honorary Membership

    Prof. Nesrin Hasirci and Prof. Vasif Hasirci were granted the Honorary Membership of ESB Society at the Meeting ESB2028 in Maastricht.

  • Recent Publication

    Kenar, H., Ozdogan, C. Y., Dumlu, C., Doger, E., Kose, G. T., & Hasirci, V. (2018). Microfibrous scaffolds from poly (l-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) blended with xeno-free collagen/hyaluronic acid for improvement of vascularization in tissue engineering applications. Materials Science and Engineering: C.

  • Fundamentals of Biomaterials by Profs. Vasif Hasirci and Nesrin Hasirci is Published

    The book titled  "Fundamentals of Biomaterials"  by Profs. Vasif Hasirci and Nesrin Hasirci was published by Springer on 28 November 2018.

    The online version of the book can be viewed from this link.